Although Oren Cass ’04 doesn’t blog enough on Williams, his thesis topic does look interesting.

These two issues: In what ways does Open Source improve an economy through both its production and distribution processes, and how should the state respond, are the topics of my thesis work and will be discussed on this page for the next nine months.

For those not among the tribe of geekdom, “Open Source” refers to software programs whose code is “open” for all to see and modify. The best introduction to the land of Open Source, as Cass no doubt knows, is The Cathedral and The Bazaar by Eric Raymond. I try my hardest to use nothing but open source and to contribute, in a very small way, back to the open source community.

One could also see EphBlog as an open source version of this, this or even this, but I mean that in a good way.

One of the purposes of this blog is to introduce interested alums in work being done by current students (as well as vice versa, of course), so we would be interested in links to other such projects, whether thesis-related or otherwise.

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