The Transcript provides a useful overview of the construction going on at Williams. The best line that I have heard on this was from a senior alum on the College’s efforts to get him to donate for a replacement to Sawyer Library.

I just wish that they wouldn’t ask me for so much money to replace a building that I helped pay for. Shouldn’t the buildings last longer than me?

Another senior correspondant to EphBlog, on noting the ill-suited size of the new theatre, said that it risked turning Williams into “Fordham on the Long Island Expressway.”

The article quotes Anna Siegal ’05 on several aspects of the construction. “I think Baxter is a huge loss, it’s a beautiful building,” Siegal said.

Whit Stoddard is spinning in his grave at that opinion, but still gald to know that Baxter’s days are numbered.

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