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Rapper Cass

Oren Cass ’05 takes the Record to task for insensitivity.

Perhaps the Record thinks it is funny to make a “joke” about white people having difficulty rapping. I only wish they had stopped first to consider the damage that such a seemingly innocent jab can do to the delicate relations between races on this campus and the fragile psyches of those caught in the middle.

Cass’s mockery is pitch-perfect precisely because it is indistinguishable from the usual earnest drivel from the typical suspects.

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#1 Comment By anonymous On March 18, 2004 @ 6:55 pm

“precisely because it is indistinguishable more the usual earnest drivel”

Jigga what?

#2 Comment By David Kane On March 19, 2004 @ 2:43 pm

Whoops! Meant to write “from” rather than “more”.[You need an editor! — ed] Now corrected.