JA letters have been mailed, and Joseph Shoer ’06 wasn’t accepted.

I really didn’t think I was going to react this badly, but then again, the full impact of the rejection letter has only been hitting me slowly. I’m not over it yet, not gonna be over it till after spring break at least. It’s funny how we never realize how much we wanted something until we can’t have it.

So true. I am certain that Shoer is not the only rejected applicant who feels this way.

One nice thing to note is that they seem to still be doing interviews as part of the process. In my day, there were no interviews, which tended to make rejected applicants feel even more bitter about the process. (How could they reject me? They don’t even know me.)

Jim Reichheld ’87 was the key person in adding these interviews to the JA selection committee’s deliberations. There are very few people who changed Williams for the better, both while they were there and for decades thereafter. Reichheld is one of those lucky few.

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