Cliff Leaf ’85 has a fun article in the New York Times on the week-end he spent at the Zen Mountain Monastery.

My favorite passage:

It wasn’t that I was on some quixotic search for enlightenment. (If I ever did make it to the proverbial mountaintop, I’d probably spend my first hour searching for a Starbucks.) To be sure, as a balding man in his late 30’s, I am naturally drawn to any arena — the N.B.A., the cult of Vin Diesel — in which naked scalps are a status symbol.

But my motivation here was more analytical than spiritual. I was determined to get to the bottom of a trend that is growing into a veritable rage among stressed-out, overworked urbanites: the Buddhist weekend, a no-frills, no-cellphone, no-cable country escape filled with chanting, bowing and good old-fashioned sitting.

Naked scalps all the way!

Thanks to Bethany McLean ’93 for pointing out her fellow Fortune writer.

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