Mike Needham’s op-ed piece on campus community referenced house pictures.

When I look at the house portraits hanging in Greylock, I don’t just see people who lived together for a year, but rather people who shared an experience with each other that we do not share any longer.

I am not sure if this portrait still hangs in Carter House, but it did 15 years ago.


Highlights in this picture include potential 15th year reunion folks Gillian Lad, David Nadelman, David Bentley, Mary Ilif and Kirsten Hasenfus (now productively married to the fellow next to her).

Before Aidan makes too much fun of my own appearence, I should point at that the WW II fighter pilot look was the idea of Mark Solan, who has since gone on to win an Emmy.

Creativity in college should be encouraged, not mocked.

Since this picture reveals me to be a CC member, I won’t be applying to work for Oren Cass ’05 anytime soon.

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