Zach Blume ’02 uses the phrase “Williams Goggles” in his description of a recent trip to Las Vegas.

Personally, I was wearing the thick pair of Williams Goggles I picked up during my days as an undergrad and thought she was the gorgeous.

Blume’s implication — that the average female Eph is less attractive than a typical female of the same age — is clear enough.

This was a common topic of discussion 20 years ago. I wouldn’t have expected it to have lasted this long.[The belief or the reality?–ed There is no upside for me in taking a position on this. So true! — ed]

Leaving aside whether this was true 20 years ago (certainly the female members of my entry were unimpressed with the argument), it is an empirical question whether it is true today. [You said this to women in your entry!? — ed I was an idiot.]

This is a perfect question for one of David Zimmerman’s thesis students, or even for a math major with an interest in statistics. Actually, there are two questions. First, is this belief widely held? Blume’s comment makes me think it is. Second, is it true? There are a variety of ways to test this and some subtle mistakes to avoid. (You wouldn’t want to ask male Ephs to judge the attractiveness of current Ephs, for example.)

One approach might be to use pictures from a first year facebook from a few years ago in comparison to pictures from, say, a local high school.

My personal opinion, as husband of ’89, brother-in-law of ’98 and father of ’18 amd ’21 is that Eph women are the most beautiful women on the planet. [You are shameless! –ed]

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