Cliff Leaf ’85 is the author of the cover story in the latest Fortune about the fight against cancer. Unfortunately, the article does not seem to be on-line, although you can read an introduction here.

At age 15, Cliff fought and won a desperate battle against Hodgkin’s disease. Much later he lost his mother, Louise, to a rare liver cancer. In the course of interviewing dozens of experts over three months, Cliff phoned Dr. Bruce Chabner at Mass General. In mid-chat they realized the good doctor had been part of the National Cancer Institute team that had helped Cliff beat Hodgkin’s. “Cancer doctors and researchers are always so upbeat,” says Cliff, who then flew to Boston to meet Chabner in person. “But at some point in my interviews they’d inevitably start venting their frustrations with the way this war’s being fought.”

The article looks like good reading for the current crop of pre-meds at Williams.

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