As long as we are on a clothing theme, I should point out that the quote of the month certainly comes from an unnamed Williams official:

There is no love lost between these schools, although one Williams official likened the back-and-forth razzing at games to “L.L. Bean yelling at J. Crew.”

Question: Are we L.L. Bean or J. Crew? I think the former, but am no expert on current [Or past — ed] fashion trends.

The three senior captains of the Williams team, however, posted a note on the school’s website this week, urging fans to desist from obscene chants or wearing objectionable T-shirts.

“Williams College, as an institution, is about excellence,” said the note from Chuck Abba, NESCAC Player of the Year Ben Coffin, and Mike Crotty. “Our behavior, on the court and off, should reflect this. In no way do we want to diminish your school spirit and support. But we do want to represent the lasting qualities of class and excellence that have become a hallmark of Williams. Let’s be creative and clean in our support.”

Another reason why everyone should learn The Mountains. Of course, another creative solution would have been to shout “Amherst Sucks” in latin. [Which would be? — ed. All I remember is “amo, amas, amat.” Not what we’re looking for here — ed]

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