No one writes better than Aidan.

beautiful day today in Williamstown, as they say, “spring has sprung.” Scattered clots of prefroshies and parents are roaming about, lead by bored tour guides, and what, the disaffected youth unfortunate enough to visit this vampire-corpse of a campus right now, do they see Williams in the spring? There’s no action on Chapin beach, there’s no frisbee playing in the frosh quad, nobody has their windows open and Nelly pumpin’, pumpin’…it is all rather quiet, rather still. Do we give these visitors an accurate view of this school, now? Where is Williams in this jewel-like silence, perfectly cast shadows, warm spring light strongly accenting the greens?

[Shouldn’t Aidan be writing something here? — ed Maybe someday.]

I am sad to hear that the tour guides are bored. I always found giving tours to be great fun. [Because you like to hear yourself talk? — ed Hey! That’s too cruel.]

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