Perhaps someone on campus could update us on the JA selection process.

0) Who is on the Selection Committee? I assume that this is public knowledge. If not, it should be.

1) Who were the lucky winners? In the past, I have seen the list in the Record, but not this year.

2) How many people applied, and how does the number compare with the recent past? I think that around 150 applied each year in the 80’s.

3) How was the process different this year, if at all? A Record article from 2 years ago provides a nice overview of the process then. It is especially nice to see the use of interviews.

4) Does the Selection Committee write an after-action report of some sort? This would add even more work to an already busy group of people, but I think that they should. Even a one page blurb — X people applied, Y interviews were conducted, Z recommendation letters were read, many hours were spent — would be useful, both for people grappling with the disappointment of being rejected and by Selection Committees in the future.

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