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I am not sure if I should congratulate Professor of Philosophy Joe Cruz ’91 on his start in the world of blogging, or warn him away. Blogging has a tendency to, uh, shift ones attention away from real work. He asks “Am I conscious?” and notes that:

My memory of yesterday is conscious right now. Can it tell me anything about whether I was conscious yesterday? I might protest that I remember my arms being cold, and, moreover, I remember seeing the landscape and feeling the raindrops against my face. Those are all conscious sensations. Correction: I consciously remember them now, and the experiences are conscious in me NOW, which is to say that I have no evidence that they were conscious in me THEN.

To which I can only respond: Take the blue pill.

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#1 Comment By Joe Cruz ’91 On April 9, 2004 @ 2:08 pm

I had it on good authority that one’s pre-tenure sabbatical year was for blogging and bicycle riding. Is it not?

No, in all seriousness, it has seemed to me for some time now that a blog focusing on philosophical ideas might be a welcome way for students to engage in a bit of extracurricular intellectual discussion. The trick, I suppose, is making the issues exciting and not intimidating. This first go has succeeded beyond my wildest hopes: Both Evan Gee’s (’04) post and Miles Belkap’s (’05) contribution are really first rate.

Thanks for noticing.