If so, you can pay for this building on [Fill In Your Name Here] Lawn:


I think it looks very good: modern, but blends reasonably well with the surroundings. There is nothing uglier than a modern building that attempts to mimic the look of a century-old artifact, so I’m glad the college has chosen a purposefully modern design for the new Baxter. The interior looks particularly spectacular. Given that essentially all of Williams’ peer institutions have build impressive new student centers in recent years, the reconstruction of Baxter seems like a wise investment.

As excited as I am to see Sawyer imploded to open up more space in the middle of campus, I’m less confident in the virtue of pouring 70 million into the library project. In any event, when the master plan is completed, it’s hard to imagine any major construction necessary on campus for many years, considering that the studio art building, science facilities, dorms, gym, theater, classroom buildings, chapel, and now library and student life facilities have all been build or undergone major renovations in the space of only twenty years (1987-2007). Pretty incredible how quickly the campus has been transformed.

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