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Military History, anybody?

Some might remember that Yale recently stole Louise Gluck from Williams. Perhaps Williams should return the favor? Yale recently denied tenure to Mary Habeck, a military historian who has been “wonderful” as a teacher and departmental citizen.

In a move that surprised many Yale undergraduates and several historians at rival institutions, the University has denied tenure to popular history professor Mary Habeck GRD ’96, a military historian.

“I’ve heard a lot of history lecture classes, and what does it say when you allow your best lecturer to walk?” [Jeremy] Ershow [’06] said. “There’s a tremendous interest and a tremendous appetite on this campus for the courses that she teaches — there’s clearly a great demand for Mary Habeck and her courses.”

It seems Yale — which let political scientist Allan Stam, who taught a class “Society and War,” leave for Dartmouth — is too good for military history. Their loss. Can it be our gain?