Professor of Psychology Phebe Cramer gets a mention in an article about mid-life job crisises. [Crisises? — ed. You tell me the plural form of crisis.]

However, our sense of identity frequently does change — as the latest psychological research by Phebe Cramer at the Department of Psychology at Williams College in Massachusetts has established. Cramer found that we are not fixed in our sense of identity from childhood as had previously been thought, and even in adult life, personality is constantly developing and changing.

Alas, none of the articles on Cramer’s home page seem to be available for download, which is too bad. I was, however, struck by one reference:

Cramer, Phebe. (1986). Fantasies of college men: Then and Now. Psychoanalytic Review, 73, 567-578.

There is no comment that I can make on this that would not lead to trouble.

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