David writes:

The Ad Hoc Faculty Committee on Athletics produced a Report on Varsity Athletics that is simply must reading for anyone interested in the role of athletics at Williams. Thanks to Professor Michael MacDonald, chair of the committee, for providing me a copy. (The College really ought to post this somewhere on its website, along with the reports of other such committees.)


The book [Bill Bowen’s Reclaiming the Game]makes extensive use of the “Report on Varsity Athletics” written by the ad hoc committee, as well as reports by Middlebury and Amherst. President Schapiro said he was glad the authors used the Williams report as “we have nothing to hide.”

Though the College initially put the Report on Varsity Athletics up on its website, it has since been removed. According to Jim Kolesar, director of public affairs, the report was taking down because “it seemed to have served its useful life.”

Other reports issued years before the Report on Varsity Athletics, a 1998 report on “Class Section Size” for example, remain on the College’s website as of this paper’s deadline. MacDonald said there remains interest in the Report on Varsity Athletics. “People have gotten in touch with me looking for copies of the report,” he said.

Schapiro said the College is happy to provide a copy of the report to anybody who requests one.

I report, you decide.

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