I was worried that Aidan had been abducted by aliens. Fortunately, the real Aidan is back. Who else could write such gems as:

I think the value of identity studies should be actively questioned: I find it troubling that many students come to Williams only to major in themselves, as it were. In many of these departments there’s a emphasis on ideology and a paucity of facts — it is not unreasonable to say the only identity tradition that is critically studied is the western one.

What is truly scary about Finley’s talent is that he comes up with lines like this all the time. Perhaps we need a ephblog quote board to memorialize phrases like “major in themselves.” [Also “Nike camp with enrichment classes” and “L.L. Bean yelling at J. Crew” — ed. Careful! Finley is no fan of editors.]

More evidence of alien defeat can be seen at Finley’s blog and his recent thoughts on my

odd blogging position, flopping like a landed fish between wide-eyed nostalgia for the purple mountains majesty and abstruse, barely coherent critiques of what he believes to be the failings of his alma mater.

So, c’mon, Kane. Let’s step it up. Let’s see you do something other than complain, toady, pontificate, toady, complain. It gets old, and all the fancy formatting in the world doesn’t alieviate the thoughtless, thread-bare, nature of your commentary.

Ouch! And note that I don’t even deserve credit for the fancy formatting since Eric Smith ’99 is the genius behind the curtain here at ephblog central.

I’ll do my best to “step it up” as Aidan recommends. Readers can judge for themselvs whether my writing or thinking improves.

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