If you want to be informed about the topic of tips at Williams, then you need to read “It’s All About Who Gets In” by baseball coach Dave Barnard. We’ve blogged about this in the past, but Oren Cass provided a handy reminder, albeit in a non open source format!

Barnard argues that strong athletes actually get less of a boost at Williams, at least in the last few years, than at almost any other peer school. He concludes with

Proponents of the “more representative” admissions approach for student-athletes contend that less competitive teams are a small price to pay for a 50 point increase in the average SAT scores of 100 Williams College freshmen. I would conclude just the opposite – that half of an admissions reader point decrease for one-sixth of the student body is virtually meaningless compared to a Williams victory over Amherst.

I still disagree, but not nearly as strongly as I did a year ago.

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