I had thought that Mike Needham’s post and the associated Record article might have been a little fevered to suggest that the College was purposely not putting the Report on Varsity Athletics on its website. After all, surely the College is a bastion of open inquiry, devoted to free and unfettered debate.

Turns out that I was wrong.

I suggested to Jim Kolesar ’72, Director of the Office of Public Affairs, that Williams should post the report. He replied:

Williams has been significantly more forthcoming on this subject than other colleges. Colleagues at other colleges have told me this.

The report rightly focused on the situation at a particular time, which has passed.

Now Jim is clearly a good guy with lots of experience in dealing with annoying alums and their silly suggestions and requests. He has certainly been nothing but helpful as far as ephblog is concerned. Note also that it is often a part of his job to put a public face on decisions made by others at Williams.

Still, his response is pathetic.

The report is only 2 years old! I know of no one who thinks that the situation at Williams with regard to varsity athletics is meaningfully different today from what it was in 2002, or even throughout much of the 1990’s.

It may be true that Williams has been more forthcoming that other institutions, but, quite frankly, I hold Williams to a higher standard. Williams should aspire to a higher standard.

Moreover, the report is in the public domain. Michael MacDonald will send a copy to anyone who asks for it. We have posted it here for posterity. Of course, if the College posted it on its website (even in an obscure place), it would probably be read by more people that, I guess, the College does not want to have read it. But, still, the report isn’t that bad. And, even for the sections that are somewhat bad, you should always trust an institution that engages in honest self-examination more than one that doesn’t.

Post the report.

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