Simeon Stolzberg ’92 is the founder and principal of the Berkshire Arts & Techology School, a new charter school in Pittsfield. Today’s Transcript features an off-beat Q&A with Stolzberg. He notes that:

Free thinking is a dangerous thing if you get enough people questioning. When I was a teacher, I did a project on revolutions and I had the students writing revolution manifestos. Before I knew it, I had parents in the principal’s office wanting to know what was going on! They had to identify a problem in the city and it was everything from street violence to pot holes and things like that. But then they had to ask questions like ‘What is it going to take to change this?’ and ‘Is violence required to make these kind of changes?’ Look at the history of our country, it’s based on a violent revolution. And there was so much violence in their lives, I wanted to reflect on ‘Was that really necessary?’ When people start asking those questions out loud, I think it scares the heck out of politicians and leaders. How else do you explain the status quo of school systems that haven’t changed in 100 years?

ephblog is hardly the place to debate the pros and cons of charter schools, although it is always nice to see alumni passionately involved in their work. BART has other Williams connections; Charlie Toomajian and Charley Stevenson ’93 are both on the board.

BART also complicates the on-going budget crisis at Mt. Greylock Regional High School since the funding for any student who switches to BART goes with that student. I’ll be curious to see if any Williams faculty members send their children to BART.

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