Aidan has a hilarious advice for underage drinkers.

There is nothing wrong with using your sister’s old ID, or sweet talking your way into the bar with an expired passport that belonged to Omar Abdul Rahman; such exploits can become the stuff of legend. No, what’s wrong is that our fair bars are clogged with underage “drinkers” that aren’t even purchasing alcohol.

Don’t be a liability to the establishment. When I turned 21, my birthday was heralded by some members of my class who had been drinking at the Pub since they were pre-frosh. However, they knew the ropes, were unobtrusive and fundamentally aware of how to behave in bar culture. We should all hope to graduate from Williams with this type of gravitas and practical knowledge.

The whole piece is full of useful tips and should be read in conjunction with the best article in the Record this year.

However, old out of touch alum that I am, could someone please explain what the drinking game “Beruit” is? I think that this is a post-80’s innovation.

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