Among the many reasons why the Math department is one of the best at Williams is humor. This was from a recent all-campus mailing.

So I was walking through the math library earlier today and I heard the most
interesting conversation between Ed Burger and Jon Lovett. Since I know you
all need additional enticement to come to math snacks, I thought I would
relate it to you.

Burger: What did one vector say to the other vector?
Jon: This is why you have no friends.
Burger: That’s not what he said!

Come to math snacks tonight at 10pm in the math library. We can’t all promise to be this funny, but there will be yesterday’s doughnuts, and Aidan is very likely to make an appearance.

Although reading all-campus mailings is hardly an unbiased sampling technique, it sure seems that the math department does a lot more to make students feel welcome and excited than other similarly-sized departments.

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