Only fans of town/gown interaction will appreciate a news story entitled “Selectwoman opposes Williams Faculty Club serving lunches over the summer.”

Selectwoman Margaret J. Ware believes that Williams College should be a more courteous neighbor.

Monday night, during the Board of Selectmen meeting, Ware took issue with Williams’ decision to serve lunch at the Faculty Club this summer.

“It would be perfectly wonderful for the faculty and staff to go into town and spend money,” Ware said.

In related news, Ware also proposed that the College discontinue its policy of providing housing to students. “After all,” said Ware, “think of all the money that students would spend on — and my constituents could earn from — new apartments in the area!”

Of course, Ware is not the only character with a funny line in this dispute.

During the Monday meeting, Peter Landry, Williams College assistant manager of dining services, was there seeking one-day alcoholic beverage licenses and an extension of its liquor service on one night during senior week.

Ware asked Landry why the club would be opening for lunch.

Landry said the club was being made available for the convenience of faculty and staff, who likely would not have time to leave campus for lunch.

Ware argued that local merchants would probably develop a “grab and go” system for those people in a hurry.

You have to feel sorry for Landry. He was probably just checking the boxes on his list of responsibilities when, out of nowhere, this selectwoman starts quizing him on faculty eating habits. Still, his claim that faculty lack “time” during the summer is, uh, amusing.

I am sure that if you walk by Stetson on some summer Friday afternoon, you would be amazed how it buzzes with activity, filled to bursting with faculty members too overwhelmed with work to take notice of the beautiful day outside, much less to steal a moment away for the long treck to Spring Street for lunch.

Of course, how those faculty members find the time for the even longer walk to the faculty house is unclear to me . . .

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