Oren Cass ’05 has never been a fan of College Council, and his latest Record op-ed and associated comments on his blog.

Right now, College Council (CC) is little more than an ineffectual bureaucracy making meaningless proclamations and embarking on small projects of minimal value. Sort of like Williams’ very own United Nations, minus the cool ethnic costumes and translators. But all that will soon change, because CC has organized a contest to design a new Council logo.

They don’t have cool ethnic costumes anymore? Where’s the outrage? Back in the day, representatives from Carter House wore their distinctive head gear (baseball caps with the top of a hammer as a logo on the front) to CC meetings.

Cass ought to change thesis topics from the political economy of open source to something, like CC, that he is contemptuous of. He does contemptuous incredibly well.

Although Cass is probably right about the logo issue, he is certainly wrong to condemn all of CC. Certainly the folks on the finance committee — if that is what it is still called — who do the budgeting are serious folks doing their best to do a serious job.

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