Dan Drezner ’90 has useful advice, for those both in and out of the blogosphere.

And for those of you who wish to make a living by being a critic, learn this lesson well — don’t write angry. Or rather, if you feel the urge, write angry, but then be sure to crumple up that effort and try again with a cooler head.

Why? It’s exceedingly difficult to translate anger into polished prose — particularly anger directed at another person, as opposed to a more abstract target — without seeming either petty or undisciplined.

This is a tough lesson to digest, because the exceptions to this rule are the most coveted reviewers of all. A critic that manages to focus their anger into an righteous vivisection of someone else is quite entertaining. If you can do it, I’ll tip my hat in respect.

However, I strongly suspect that this skill is much rarer than is commonly perceived.

Maybe, but Aidan and Oren Cass ’05 certainly do it better than most.

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