It has come to my attention, via the resignation of two of our authors, that there was some combination of dislike and misunderstanding of a link on our site. Part of it is fully my fault in link placement, and I apologize. Part of it is simply due to either a misunderstanding, or the lack of experience of someone new to navigating the web.

Over to the right, you will see a section labeled “Inside Links” which are all clearly sections of our site. When you click on any of those links, you will see the “EphBlog” banner up at the top, and our color scheme remains constant throughout.
That is how it is now – but up until a few hours ago, weeks went by and there was a link there called “Quote Wall”. This link is the source of some underlying issue, of which I was previously unaware until this evening.

There is an EphBlog entry that discusses how that came to be on the site. I don’t feel the need/desire to maintain such a thing on my own, but I’m all for it if someone else wants to keep track of quotes that they find from this site that they feel stand out from those of others.
Hence our link to it.

That link points to another site entirely and is not part of EphBlog – as evidenced by the fact that the URL changes, and perhaps less subtle reminders like in how the EphBlog banner is no longer there and the color scheme changes dramatically.
(That said, just because a site looks like our site wouldn’t mean it is the same as us – in the end, looking at the URL is your best bet there.)

It was poor judgment on my part and perhaps rushed in its placement since being under “Inside Links” seems to have given others the perception that it was all content of EphBlog. Only the page that it links to, which has “EphBlog” up at the top, had anything to do with our site in that the quotes on that page were from this site.

There are a series of links down the left hand side of that site that link to other parts of that site (administrated by someone else entirely than this site that you are reading now). Some of those links apparently go to pages that have content on them that have been found to be of questionable value to others that have stumbled on our site.

For those that feel that the quotes about race, religion, politics, or anything else on the quote page (other than the actual EphBlog content) represent any of the views or ideas of anyone on this site are mistaken (there is perhaps overlap in the feelings of some/all members of this site with some of the content on there – and there are very likely entire sections where people here would disavow any relationship with – but that is beyond the scope of what such a link represents).
I should also point out that the search box that we use goes to Google. Using Google – you can search any part of our site that you like. In addition to that, you can search the entirety of the web, which very well may include some unsavory stuff.

This is also probably a good time to reassert the fact that we aren’t part of Williams College in any way shape or form other than the fact that we for the most part are all related to Williams via having gone there, currently go there, might go there, have relatives going there, work there, have worked there, live near there, or perhaps thought this had to do with “Williams and Mary” (sic).

In the future, if you go to our site, or any other site on the web, and you follow links, it is worth remembering that a link to one part of a site does not mean that all ideas represented there are somehow assimilated into either of the sites involved.

I would also highly recommend that if you have issues with such things – talk about them on there. Discussion is the whole reason this site is here, so feel free to discuss.
The person that maintains the Quote Wall (which still remains linked to, but in the Blogroll section of this site) is an author on this site. Perhaps issues taken with the content of that site are better taken up with him.

In closing – I apologize again for my poor placement of the link in the first part of the navigation bar entitled “Inside Links” – it has been moved to the “Blogroll” section – while not entirely a blog, it is at least an exterior link and hopefully more obviously connoted as such in that new location.

I also apologize if you feel my presumption that misunderstanding of how links and the associated content relates to interconnected sites is somehow related to lack of knowledge as to how the web “works” – but after using these systems day in and day out for years now, all of this seems explicitly obvious to me at this point.
So I am just making, and perhaps incorrectly, the assumption that if you do not get this basic concept of the web, then you perhaps may be new to it all.

In the end, that link is nothing more than a pointer to a single page of quotes on an entirely different site than our own.
I have moved it out of the “Inside Links” section, and I have had dinner.
For all of those that remain offended, feel free to discuss.

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