I think it might be helpful, for purposes of discussion, to consider separately the issue of ephblog’s linking policy. Although Eric and I have views on this — views that I think virtually all the participants on ephblog (authors, commentators and readers) will agree with — I would like to solicit opposing opinion.

RESOLVED: Ephblog will link, via the Eph Blogroll, to all Eph sites unless a clear consensus of the EphBlog community deems the site to be “beyond the pale.”

Of course, reasonable people might differ as to what constitutes an “Eph” site, but any vanity page maintained by an alum would certainly be included. I could also imagine a situation in which a site is so horrific that I would not want to link to it, but Lowell’s site is no where close to the pale, much less beyond it.

So, my question: Is there anyone who believes that Lowell’s site is “beyond the pale” and, therefore, unworthy of being linked to?

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