For those who care about such things, this may be an interesting week at ephblog. We have been “borked” by Esa Seegulam ’06. As a result, we have lost two of our authors, Joe Cruz and Sharifa Wright, not unsurprisingly, the only authors who are in the employ of Williams. I, at least, will have much more to say about this in due course, but here is some of Seegulam’s work (sent in an e-mail to all sorts of people, including the minco mailing list).

Here is an interesting website which is supposedly “a group web log devoted to all things Eph. We post information and opinion relating to Williams College and its graduates around the world. We care about the history of Williams, current controversies on campus and alumni activities. We have a special focus on annual reunions.”

Another interesting part of the website deals with quotes on theMiddle
East (, all of which, I should
add, are a collection of anti-Muslim, Anti-Islamic, anti-Arab quotations
of very poor taste. The first one, by “anonymous,” (of course), goes
like this:

“You know what I just realized? At this very moment, there are Muslims exploding in the Middle East, and not in the way they like to explode — strapped with bombs and shrapnel on a bus full of children.

“Anonymous” on Operation Iraqi Freedom, 2003.

Interesting too, are the links provided from this page of quotes to other pages such as this blog by “Maggie” with the following piece of a posting:

“You are Arabs and you produce nothing of any value..not politically, or socially, or economically, or philosophically.

You are a dead society with dead values.

That isn’t a racist statement. Its an autopsy of your culture.

And I don’t hate you, I just don’t want you to rot in my gutter so I have to smell it. Go someplace else to die.”

Most interesting, however, is that the authors of the site include current Williams students, our very own assistant professor of philosophy, Joe Cruz, and our beloved Sharifa Wright from the Alumni Relations Office. Surely they would not attach their names to such open bigotry; surely they do not know that this part of their little project exists. I wonder what they would have to say about this.

Thanks to our sources for forwarding the e-mail to us. For now, I’ll leave it as an exercise for our readers to pick out all the stupidity here.

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