Sam Crane — who I hope to recruit to the currently unoccupied ephblog faculty chair — sent in this note.

Just wanted to alert you to a wonderful article about an Eph in the May 10th
edition of the New Yorker: Adam Gopnik, “Last of the Metrozoids.” The
protagonist is Kirk Varnedoe, who graduated, as best I can tell, about 30 years
ago. He was, apparently, a brilliant analyst of modern visual art and had
played football at Williams. The football was important to him, insofar as it
allowed him to “make a self.” He even coached for a year after graduation, and
said: “If you’re going to spend your life coaching football, you have to be
smart enough to do it well, and dumb enough to think it matters.” What a
marvelous, complex individual!

I haven’t been able to find a copy of the article on-line. If anyone does, please let us know. Vardenoe ’68 has been featured in the blog before. I still think that “Fine Disregard” — the title of Vardenoe’s book — would make for some great rugby t-shirts.

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