My original hope was that this thread would focus on whether or not ephblog should link to Lowell’s quote collection. For better or worse, the conversation there has moved to the substance of the quotes therein. I think that this is a good and interesting discussion, but I still want to solicit opinion as to what ephblog’s linking policy should be. I am particularly interested in finding out what sort of policy, if any, would lead Joe, Sharifa (and now Nate) to come back on board as authors.

To be concrete:

1) Should ephblog link to Lowell’s quote collection?

2) If no, should ephblog link to sites that link to Lowell’s quote collection? One example of such a site is Aidan’s.

3) If no, should ephblog link to sites that link to sites that link to Lowell? Lest this seem ridiculous on its face, I’ll note that Lowell’s collection also resdes on WSO and is available, for example, from the Garfield Republican Club homepage.

Although I realize that Joe, Sharifa and Nate have no interest in associating themselves with “hate speech” — in Esa’s words — I am not sure how EphBlog can fairly claim to be a common meeting place for Ephs of all viewpoints without linking to alums like Lowell. But I am eager to here the counterarguments.

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