This seems to be the longest debate on WSO blogs. Amazingly enough, it features both Esa Seegulam ’06 and Lowell Jacobson ’03 — the two proximate causes, as it were, of current spike in readership at ephblog! For those who like such topics, there is a lot of good writing there, although mixed with too much vitriol for my tastes. I can’t resist quoting this passage.

I believe we made a record for longest blog ever. Also, we probably made a record for most hate recorded on a Williams website. Despite the fact that a lot of us came across as very hostile to some people, many others have told me that from sifting through our occasional expletives and insults, they managed to learn a lot; a credit to everyone who posted, so thank you for that. In the end, the reality is that we are but 6 voices among many millions. In some respects what we say may never matter, yet history has proven time and again that there are sometimes cases where one voice has made a difference. The most successful of these though were always the ones who were compassionate in their cause and careful with their words.

The author? Esa Seegulam! I, of course, couldn’t agree more. Perhaps I can bring the discussion of the last few days full circle by pointing everyone to our new Quote Wall.

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