Ephblog is looking for a few good writers for the summer.

Of course, ephblog always welcomes new authors. But our current crop generally restrict their postings to items that are Williams-related, at least tangentially. This is fine and fun, but, at least for the summer, I thought it would be worthwhile to do more. I had in mind having several Eph diariests who wanted to record their lives over the summer. Ideally, they would be doing a spectrum of things and be from a variety of classes. See the Diary column on Slate for examples of the genre.

It would be fascinating to read about Ronit Bhattacharyya’s ’07 summer at SOME. It would be neat to hear about a summer raising four boys from Kirsten (Hasenfus) Tolley ’89. Alexandra Grashkina ’04 is writing a book. What is that like on a day-to-day basis?

We have a few readers now. They are unlikely to be satisfied with my occasional rants. We need Eph writers. Where are they?

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