It isn’t that I object to the existence of the amazing Williams sports web site or to knowing about all the latest breaking news in Williams athletics. Congratulations to Jabe Bergeron ’04 for a marvelous baseball season.

What I object to is the lack of anything comparable for so much of the academics that goes on at Williams. I would expect that there are at least as many people (alumni and others) who would be interested in reading about the senior honors economics presentations at 4:00 PM today as there are about Bergeron’s exploits. Alas, there seems to be no information available about it.

Who are the seniors that did theses in economics this year? What were the topics? When are they defending them? I am not asking for fancy webcasts, just basic information. This is, obviously, connected to my suggestion that theses should be posted on-line, but need not wait on it. I would worry less about the emphasis that Williams places on athletic success if it put more (public) emphasis on academic accomplishment.

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