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Kudos to Dick Quinn

Just wanted to pass along the following email I received from Tim Layden discussing an earlier EphBlog post, reprinted with Tim’s permission:

Jeff — An acquaintance passed along a blog posting in which you point out
Williams’s frequent mentions in Sports Illustrated and suggested that perhaps I
had some hand in this. If only I held such sway with those higher on the
masthead than I am. In truth, all of the credit goes to Williams’s relentless sports information director, Dick Quinn. When asked, I
readily validate that Williams is, indeed, the Stanford of D-III. But this
customarily takes place only after Dick has flogged the place with emails and
phone calls, as any good SID does.

Tim Layden ’78

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#1 Comment By (d)avid On May 18, 2004 @ 12:14 pm

Williams can create an Art Mafia and has well connected networks in consulting, investing, and banking. I understand that recent alums are also networking in the film industry.

Why is it there is no Williams sports writers mafia? We clearly have people interested in sports. Presumably a liberal arts education can teach a person how to write. Why does Tim Layden need to rely upon non-Williams editors higher up the mast head? Inexplicable.

Perhaps department should embrace the sports culture rather than fight it. The political science department could offer “The politics of stadium building”; economics “the economics of sports”; biology “Physiology and sports related injuries”; english “Sports and literature: Batting for Castro as a genre”; sociology “Sports heroes and national identoty; religion “Does God take sides in Texas high school football games: Why do teams pray for victory?”; the math department could offer a statistics course … oh, I guess that one is already covered. After taking the gamut of such courses, a student would be well prepared to tackle any facet of sports writing.

If the college is going to place such an emphasis on sports, why not make it an academic enterprise and become a factory for doctors, lawyers, consultants, and sports writers?

Tim Layden has established a beachhead — now it is time to invade the continent.

#2 Comment By Eric Smith ’99 On May 18, 2004 @ 12:39 pm

If only the school had some system in place to try and lure in good athletes so as to cultivate an interest in athletic endeavors, exposing the student body as a whole to those that are interested in human kinesthetics. Perhaps then we could grow into better sports writers.

It also would help if sports writers were paid better since I would imagine out of the examples that you mention, the sports writer would be the lowest paid of the group.

#3 Comment By Dusty Lopez ’01 On May 21, 2004 @ 1:21 pm

Personally, I would be very happy to volunteer for membership in a group of Williams-educated sportswriters. It might be a while before I could contribute much prestige to the club, but even admittance would be a proud day for me.

#4 Comment By Jeff Zeeman On May 28, 2004 @ 1:23 pm

This week’s Sports Illustrated has Dave Paulson in Faces in the Crowd. More Quinn magic perhaps?