A New York Times article on baseball quoted former commissioner Fay Vincent and Professor Mark Taylor.

Mark Taylor, a professor at Williams College, is teaching a course this semester called “Real Fakes.” The thesis is the slipperiness of contemporary reality, and baseball is a theme.

Taylor said that on the Web site for the course, realfakes.org, “I have a quiz asking whether things are real, fake or real fakes.”

“I put Barry Bonds’s home run record on the quiz,” he said. “The natural has become artificial and baseball becomes another version of reality television. Everyone knows reality television is staged. We are seeing the acceptance of the real as fake and the fake as real.”

I am not sure what this says about my acceptance of Taylor as a real professor.

Alas, realfakes.org seems to be down right now, along with www.williams.edu itself. Perhaps the real/fake dichotomy is something that Taylor might consider closer to home. . .


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