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Economic Honors Theses

Lest it get lost in our sometimes frothy comment section, I wanted to highlight Steve Sheppard’s update on honors theses. Kudos to Steve, and the entire Economics department, for taking the time and trouble to organize a webpage devoted to the work of this year’s honors students in economics.

There is a lot of interesting stuff here. It is especially nice to see the use of pdf as the common format. One minor suggestion would be to post an abstract separately — so that I could get an idea about the thesis without having to download the whole thing. Of course, this would require that the students prepare abstracts, but that would be expected among academic work in economics. It is also a very useful exercise for the students to try to summarize their work in a few well-chosen sentences. Evan Gee’s abstract is quite nice and, even better, he uses LaTeX. [Stop! — ed Don’t you think that a little more geek and a little less politics would be good for ephblog?]

One fun thought experiment is to come up with snappier titles. Perhaps “Cost-Utility Analysis of Three Approaches to the Diagnosis of Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome” by Peter Deutsch becomes “Help! My Husband Snores”.

The authors of ephblog will be doing a careful, line-by-line reading of each thesis over the coming days. Stand by for commentary.

Now, where is the equivalent page for the departments of Political Science, History, Biology, English . . .