random thoughts is considering a field trip in the fall.

I am trying to figure out the value of going to the RNC protest (organized or not) in NYC this summer. I used to be very pro-protests as a means of getting people off of their butts, getting them involved in some direct action, and letting them see that there’s a wider community out there.

Now I am just apathetic about the whole business. Protests take a ridiculous amount of time and energy that we could be putting to better uses like voter registration and education. Of course, there are always the huge, amazing, [superlative, superlative, superlative appended] protests like the antiwar on in NYC back in March 2003 or the women’s march in DC recently.

Protesting is one of those things, like falling in love or joining the Marine Corps, that is best done while young. So, go to NYC! Just be sure to blog all about it . . .

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