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The College has a nice wrap-up of Commencement, including the full text of Halberstam’s speech along with other interesting materials. It is too bad that they don’t provide a copy of Peter Gomes (Baccalaureate speaker) speech. Gomes is one of the best public speakers that I have ever heard in person. I’d wager that his talk was better, in substance and in style, than Halberstam’s.

It is somewhat scandalous that the College takes the time and trouble to publish Halberstam’s speech but does not do the same for the student speakers. I (and, I trust, many other graduates) would much rather read the speeches by actual Ephs. Is the College so embarassed by what Kai Chen, Samuel Arons and Jonathan Lovett had to say that it prefers to hide their words from the world?

UPDATE: Perhaps I am just getting jumpy in my old age, but, once again, I was too quick to criticize. The College will be posting the student speeches later this week. Thanks to Peggy Weyers, Assistant to the College Marshall, for the information.

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#1 Comment By Mike On June 8, 2004 @ 9:21 am

Gomes’ speech was indeed unbelievable. The College should post a .mp3 or video file of it, not just the text. Would that all American oratory were as amazing.