Perhaps the third time will be the charm.

David Halberstam, Williams recent, albeit somewhat repetitive, Commncement speaker, will be the graduation speaker at Watkins Mill High School tomorrow. Whether or not he will give the same speech that he gave at Tulane and at Skidmore and at Williams remains to be seen.

Of course, I am being somewhat [Somewhat!? — ed] churlish here since Halberstam has a very personal connection to one of the graduating seniors. See the article for details. Note also that:

Sampselle [senior class advisor] is confident that Halberstam will give a speech the class won’t soon forget, he added. He also noted that Halberstam waived his usual speaking fee for the occasion.

Speaking fee? Hmmmm. I know that there are speaking fees involved when the College brings a speaker to campus. But, in my endless naivete, I had assumed that speakers at events like Convocation, Baccalaureate and Commencement do not get fees (beyond travel and accomadation expenses). The honor of the occasion and the degree was (or so I would think) enough.

Question: Did Halberstam receive a speaking fee for coming to Williams?

Given the connection that Halberstam has to one of the students at Watkins Mill , I am assuming that his speech there will be very different from the one at Williams. But I have been disappointed before.

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