Last Sunday was also graduation day for Mount Greylock Regional High School. It is nice to note that Charlotte White, daughter of Philosophy Professor Alan White, was the student-selected speaker. White the younger noted that

The seniors “may not have had a prank that everyone noticed. We may not have had a class meeting with more than half the class in attendance,” White said. “But when Fogel said he was proud, I realized I was, too, and my heart grew three sizes that day. We have all sorts of amazing people.”

You know that you have raised your daughter right when she makes appropriate use of Doctor Seuss references. ;-)

I last saw Charlotte as a small child chasing after her brother Nico (Williams class of ’04) on the then newly (self) built porch at Professor White’s house.

Economics Professor Ralph Bradburd, a member of the School Committee, passed out the diplomas, including one to Yale-bound son Gideon. Alas, I never knew Gideon as a child, perhaps because I was better at philosophy than I was at economics.

Congratulations all around.

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