Oren Cass ’05 does not seem to be overly taxed by his summer job or worries over his thesis. Which is good for us, I guess, since there is plenty of new material at his blog.

He asks:

Lots of liberals become conservative (David Horowitz and Mickey Kaus come to mind)… do any conservatives become liberal?

I’m not really talking about the swing-voter spectrum, i.e. changing views on a given issue. I’m talking about the sort of hard-core left wing stuff associated with College campuses. It seems like a one-way street. You can give up those views, but no one takes them on later in life. Doesn’t that sort of suggest that experience and maturity move people away from those views, and those who hold on to them are intellectually stunted (or at least stuffed away in an ivory tower somewhere and not exposed to the world that seems to change a lot of other people)?

Surely David Nickerson ’97 will know about the academic literature on this off the top of his head, although Cass seems to be more interested in folks from a particular slice socio-economic spectrum.

As far as Williams goes, there is probably a small N problem here since the number of out-spoken conservatives at Williams (at least in the late ’80’s) was not — how should I put this? — large.

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