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Attn: Williams College Has Moved

Sorry everyone – especially to those of you that recently went to your “reunion” just a few days ago, or perhaps those of you that “graduated”. Seriously, I hate to be the one that brings you this news and I honestly feel bad that it has to come this way – so cold and impersonal.

But the fact of the matter is that Williams College has moved to Maine. Those of you that feel like you went to some sort of formal gathering celebrating your time at Williams – it was all an elaborate sham and a cruel veil of lies.

The truth is all exposed here in this article. It is about some dude that was named… ahh, really it doesn’t matter since that really has nothing to do with it.
They key is this well crafted part here:

Gentile was selected president of the Research Corp. following a broad national search, according to Stuart B. Crampton, past chairman of the board of directors, a member of the residential search committee and former provost at Williams College in Maine.

Yeah, I’m not sure who it was that was involved with Williams – this Gentile fellow or Stuart – but I think we can all clearly agree that one of them was involved with Williams College moving to Maine.

So again, I feel really awful that I have to be the one to tell you that the Williams you know/knew is a lie. This article seems to indicate that this was no recent thing, so I think for some time now we have all been deceived.

I feel so used.