Holly Smith ’99 has observations on the Williams Reunion scene.

It was, however, a bit artificial to see only members of your own class, seeing as our Williams experience is made up of those both in grades above and below. So it is a bit of false memory at play – now you see people that you may have casually known, and all of a sudden this sense of affinity has been amplified.

Which I supposed is how networking and this whole “society of alumni” thing works. Now our class has rebonded in this new configuration, which I suppose is supposed to have all these after effects for both ourselves and the college. Stronger friendships. Increased loyalty and alumni participation. More donating to the college. And the realization of how that incestuous Eph-marrying-Eph phenomenon may have its genesis.

I am pretty sure that most Eph/Eph marriages have their genesis long before the 5th year reunion.

The best solution to only seeing folks from your own class is, obviously, to marry someone from a neighboring class. You then get two reunions every five years. Highly recommended.

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