It is nice to know that Political Science Professor James MacGregor Burns ’39 can tell what Ronald Reagan would have thought about the the proposal to put him [Reagan, not Burns] on the dime.

James MacGregor Burns, a Williams College professor and noted FDR biographer, said: “I may not have agreed with Ronald Reagan on very much, but I liked him as a person. However, you display a real ignorance about Ronald Reagan if you think that he would support any attack on the memory of FDR, who Reagan regarded as a personal hero. Even after becoming a conservative Republican, Reagan remained a huge fan of President Roosevelt. I simply refuse to believe that Ronald Reagan would countenance the removal of FDR from the dime to make way for his own image. In short, he would be horrified by this idea.”

More info here.

It’s funny but I can’t recall Jim Burns saying that he “liked him as a person” about Reagan in the late 80’s, but I guess that we all mellow with age.

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