I run a few different blogs and I am posting this comment, or some variation on it, to all of them.

I will make it simple, short, and to the point: If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer – any version – please don’t. Please never open it again. You will do yourself and the world a favor.

CERT has officially asked that everyone use anything to browse the web – just not IE. (CERT is the Computer Emergency Reponse Team – they step in when there is something so bad in software and causing such a global problem that there actually needs to be a group to smack you in the face and say “WTF?! Stop doing that!” – in this case it is over IE)

The options that they recommend:
1) Mozilla / Firefox (both free, the latter being just the browser, the former also being mail and news)
2) Opera (not free, but quite good)

Not only is IE a steaming pile of suck that is opening yourself to viruses and spyware – it also is the bottom of the pile in terms of web standards – it hasn’t been updated in over 5 years (in terms of how it displays pages) and is therefore very far behind.

Most of you viewing this page are using some form of IE, and you really need to stop immediately.

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