Continuing with our defense of College Council, it is nice to see that Jonathan Landsman ’05 working on in-dorm cooking options for the summer. Landsman, currently class of 2005 rep on CC and formerly CC secretary, is organizing the purchase of some appliances to be used by students over the summer. (It isn’t clear to me what dorms the students are being housed in.)

For this to work, your cooperation is needed. Last summer, Prospect kitchen, the only kitchen available to students, went uncleaned for so long it bred maggots and became unusable. Common appliances means no one feels like they have to clean them, but if you use whatever is purchased, you must do your part to maintain it.

If communal maintenance doesn’t work out, I won’t wait for maggots, for B&G to remove the appliances — I’ll do it myself. When I was going around asking for access to this or funds for that, some administrators expressed doubts in students’ ability to care for what they used. Please do your part to ensure any lack of faith in us is not borne out.

Never wait for the maggots. More helpful advice here at EphBlog.

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