Longtime readers will recall that this blog began life as a tool to promote the 15th year reunion of the class of 1988, so we have a soft spot for 1988’ers news and comments.

George Tolley ’88 reports that:

Ours is the only class since 1972 not to graduate a single major in either astronomy or astrophysics!  Did you know that?

No, although these departmental websites are not always completely accurate. The College might consider making such information public. That is, why can’t I look up all the atronomy majors from a class or from a range of classes — and not just from some secret alumni-only-require-password page but from a public location? Of course, the College should not post alumni (snail or e-mail) addresses in a public place, but items like name, graduation date and major should be easily accessible, for all sorts of reasons.

In other news, Kim Jordan Daboo’s ’88 dog will be featured on a episode of Animal Planet show “Eukanuba Tournament of Champions” at 8:00 PM tomorrow. Kim’s dog will appear about 40 minutes into the show.

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