One purpose of EphBlog is to provide a forum in which current students can ask questions of alumni and alumni can answer them. In the comments to a recent post about summer in Williamstown, Jonathan Landsman ’05 asks:

Can anyone with a longer memory tell me what summers here have been like in the past? I hear just ten years ago, it was quite rare for students to stay on campus. Now there are nearly 200. Alums: In your day, what was it like? How were the arrangements; how did Conference Office and Housing treat you? This information might be very useful to me.

Eric Smith ’99 provided one answer already. My only experience on campus was the summer of ’88, living on Hoxsey Street, taking care of my then-girl-friend-and-now-wife as she worked on her senior thesis in biology. My main goal for the summer was to read the collected works of Robert Ludlum.

In any event, I recall that there were many fewer students on campus. I think that all the students with summer housing lived in one Greylock dorm. I think that there were no more than 50 students and that they were overwhelmingly working on science projects.

What do other folks remember?

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