David Clapp ’77 sent in a note about a recent posting.

I was just browsing through the Ephblog and saw your note on the passing of my father, Charles ’45. I’ll confirm that I am indeed class of ’77 and my sister Nancy was ’87. Dad’s father, John B. Clapp was class of 1918 and my son, Sam, is class of 2006; my wife, Susan was also ’77 so you could consider us somewhat of a Williams family.

Williams was very special to Dad. He served as a class agent and organized his 25th reunion. He traveled back to Williamstown innumerable times; the last was the fall of ’02 when Sue and I took him up to celebrate Sam’s 18th birthday. His classmate, Art Nims, with whom he served on the US Tax Court, spoke at his memorial service where we also sang “The Mountains”. In the reception line afterwards, a Wesleyan alum pointed out his purple and gold tie worn in Dad’s honor; I think that says a lot.

He was a remarkable guy and we miss him a lot.

Again, condolences to all. All of us should be spending more time with our fathers.

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