EphBlog was at reunion!


Thanks to the always interesting EphNotes (which really ought to be posted in pdf or html), we finally have information on pictures from reunion. (Alas, this web page doesn’t seem to have the July issue posted yet, but, if you’re reading this, you probably received it via e-mail.) In any event, EphNotes reports that:

The College has teamed up with a Web-based company, EveryoneSmile.com, to bring you a slew of Reunion ’04 photos, organized by cohorts and activities (25th, 50th, Parade, Family Fun, etc.). Go to http://www.everyonesmile.com/williams and fill in your e-mail address. Within 24 hours you’ll receive an e-mail granting you access to view all the photos and share them with friends. You’ll also be able to order one free 5 x 7 photo print. When signing up, you will be able to opt in or out of EveryoneSmile e-mails and promotions, but rest assured, the company has guaranteed not to share your e-mail address with any other vendor.

This seems like a lousy idea to me. Last year, the pictures for the reunion were posted for all to see. I think (hope) that there are some alumni who would be happy to surf around easily-accessible pictures and take a look. I believe that there are very few alumni who would take the time and trouble to register for the privilege of doing so.

I bet that very few alumni, and almost none that work outside of Williamstown, have registered for this service. (Perhaps someone in the know could tell us the actual results.)

But, EphBlog did register, of course. The pictures were OK, but last year’s seemed better. You can see them for yourself here, using “eph@ephblog.com” as your login and “qkqln” as your password.

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